First Circuit Finds Mutual Rescission of Life Insurance Policy

On June 28, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit found that a mutual rescission of a life insurance policy had occurred where a company, which had been granted the policyholder’s power of attorney, cashed a premium refund check.

INS BLOG_insurancepolicyPaul L’Archevesque bought a life insurance policy from Pruco Life Insurance Co. and set up two trusts: one to take out a premium finance loan and another that ultimately would take control of the life insurance policy. Jay L’Archevesque was the sole trustee of one trust. Jay and Wilmington Trust Co. were co-trustees of the other. Together, Paul and Jay gave power of attorney to Coventry, a premium financing company, for purposes of the life insurance policy.

In obtaining the policy, Paul submitted a number of medical records to Pruco that indicated he suffered from dizziness and depression. However, the records did not include a letter that contained a doctor’s diagnosis that Paul likely had mild Alzheimer’s disease and was taking medication for it. Pruco issued a $15 million policy on Paul’s life.

Subsequently, Coventry contacted Pruco to inform it that Paul intended to sell his life insurance policy. Suspicious, Pruco requested Paul’s updated medical records, which revealed information regarding Paul’s mild Alzheimer’s disease.

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